Mexican Happy Hour for Parents

Data e Luogo

26 settembre 2020 19:00 GMT-4

Fuso Orario Italiano

Evento Online in diretta su Zoom

About the event

Join ChefPassport at our upcoming Facebook Live Mexican Happy Hour Cooking Class for Parents and Couples. Simply watch live, cook together, and donate to support children fighting illnesses and treatment in hospital. This interactive live-stream event is part of the Starlight Children’s Foundation Stream for Starlight’s month-long campaign to support Childhood Cancer Awareness.

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What’s on the menu?

  • Guacamole
  • Chicharrón de pescado (fried fish)
  • Mexican sweet potato chips
  • Cantarito tequila cocktail

Why should you attend?

  1. Benefit from the culinary teachings of a professional chef sure to help you re-create the local flavors of Mexico.
  2. Learn tips and tricks on how to make your guacamole last
  3. Discover Mexcian culture through food
  4. Unwind with a popular Mexcian cocktail after a long day
  5. Donate and help the Starlight Children’s Foundation with their mission to deliver happiness to seriously ill children and their families

How to cook, learn, and give differently with ChefPassport!

Cook Differently

During the Online Cooking Class, our Digital Chef will interact live with volunteers on a video call. Meanwhile, ChefPassport Tech, a special virtual service mastering how to run engaging and fun Virtual Team Building activities, will be monitoring the Facebook Live feed and channel your questions and comments directly to the Chef.

Learn Differently

The benefits of this two-way interaction will provide a fun viewing experience, and at the same time, help Facebook Live participants learn through the hands of students interacting live and cooking along with the Digital Chef. In every ChefPassport Class, you will learn live with others online!

Donate Differently

As a supporter of Stream for Starlight and with thanks and gratitude to our Digital Chefs, we are happy to donate all tips and donations directly to the Starlight Foundation. To donate, simply visit and make your donation before, during, or after the event.

About the Chef

Chef Jair loves the kitchen, experimenting with new ingredients, creating new flavors while sharing his love for traditional local cuisine. He is our Top Chef Instructor out of Mexico and loves to connect people over the medium of food. From Virtual Team Building activities for organizations to relaxing night-ins for couples, Chef Jair will help you find the foodie inside you!

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Host location

Guadalajara, México


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